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July 2017 Newsletter


"Listen Carefully"

"The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want" (Psalm 23:1)

If you've ever seen a Charlie Brown special on TV, you may be familiar with Charlie's teacher, Mrs. Donovan. Whenever Mrs. Donovan spoke, all you could ever hear was the "Waa-wa-waa-waa" sound of a trombone. Only by listening in to the responses of Charlie and the rest of the Peanuts gang do we have any idea what the teacher is saying.

"Waa-wa-waa-waa." The average attention span is shrinking. When we listen to those around us, we can only take in so much information before coherent words become loud sounds with no meaning. Unless what is said is "pertinent" or "riveting," we say, "I’ve got better things to do." Yet, in a world that experiences so much in the way of changes…including changes to our health and quality of life, changes to our societal moral code, changes to our own outlook on life...we are looking for solid ground (a rock) to stand upon. We are looking for security and an understanding that we are loved and cared for, and that all our real needs are being met.

The Bible points us to this solid ground in a simple and direct way…pointing us to the Lord who is not just "a" Shepherd, but "my" Shepherd. And all of this in the present time! The Shepherd watches over His sheep and protects and guides them. In Him we lack nothing! Sure, we may not possess all that we wish for in life, but we shall not want! For all of our mercies are traced back to one source…the Good Shepherd Himself who is our shelter in the midst of the storm and our consistent source of guidance, goodness, and truth.

A little child was once heard misquoting the 23rd Psalm, saying, "The Lord is my Shepherd – what more shall I want?" Honestly, what more shall we want? For the Lord provides us with rest and refreshment, restoration and righteousness, protection in trouble, and an eternal home (John 14) to go to at the end of our days. How blessed we are to have a Shepherd who reveals Himself to us in ways that we can understand, and in ways that are pertinent for our life.

As always, I encourage you to give me a call (262-808-7974) if you or a loved one is in the hospital, celebrating a milestone, or would just enjoy a visit. I appreciate getting to know you! And please join us for worship! The summer hours for worship include Bible class at 7:45 a.m., and Worship at 9:00 a.m. every Sunday. Worship is also offered during the summer months on Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. with the same sermon that was preached the prior Sunday. Also, please be aware of all of the happenings taking place at St. Andrew, including a Youth Gathering to meet here at St. Andrew on July 7th at 7:00 p.m.

Your Brother in Christ,
Pastor Jonathan Vierkant

20 Aug - Church Picnic and (weather-permitting) Outdoor Worship Service.


Please have all newsletter articles in by Tuesday, July 25th to Cathy Grande at . Confirmations will be sent for articles sent via e-mail. Thanks.


The elders wanted to remind everyone that we have Sunday service at 9:00, with an 8:00 Bible class and a Wednesday night service starting at 7:00 which will have the same sermon as the Sunday before. Summer hours will go through Labor Day Wednesday (9/6) night service.

This year we are including lay readers for the Wednesday night services. If you are interested in being a lay reader, but were not sure if you wanted to read in front of a larger number of people, you could try to read on Wednesday night. If you are interested in reading please contact Pastor Vierkant and let him know which date you would like to read.

We will be offering both the common cup and individual cups during Communion once the common cup arrives at St. Andrew. We will have two elders, or former elders, helping with Communion. One elder will welcome the communicants and distribute the wafer while the second elder will distribute the individual cup and then the pastor will come at the end with the common cup after which he will dismiss the table.

We are looking for more ushers so please let one of the elders know if you would like to become a member of one of the usher teams. No experience needed: we will have on the job training for anyone that would like to help out with this important work. We just need to know your name and which service time you would like to help out with once we go off summer hours. You can also volunteer whenever you arrive at church if you would rather not be on one of the teams.

Again, a reminder to people worshipping at St. Andrew that we have large size services available for anyone who may have trouble reading the hymnal or if the hymnal is starting to get a bit heavy to hold for the service. The larger format services can be found in the yellow folders under the mail boxes and they contain the service along with the hymns that will be used.

Your Elders remind you that this is your church home, and we are your church family so we are very interested in what you think. Please contact one of the elders and let us know if you have any concerns, questions, need help or just want to talk. We are here to help you in any way we can. Below is the list of Elders and which area of responsibilities they are heading. You can talk to any Elder about any concerns or questions and we will bring it up to the full board.

In God's service,
Rick Bruss (Chairman & Inactives)
Randy Sheffield (Secretary & Youth/Confirmation)
Elmer Frey (Sick/Shut-Ins)
Paul Heinz (Fundraiser & Personnel)
Curt Gnatzig (Inactives)
Joseph Gutschmidt (Music/Readers)
Craig Falk (Ushers)


It has been many years since St. Andrew had a photo directory and the Board of Elders talked about the possibility of making a new one. Photo directories are helpful with both new members and members who have been with St. Andrew for many years to help us get to know the names of more of our members. We can put names with faces.

Pastor Vierkant had a sample of a photo/information directory from a former congregation and we are taking the first steps to see if our members would be interested. This directory would be different than past directories because we would ask for information about our members and then either have our members bring in a photo or possibly take a picture with a digital camera.

We are not sure of a lot of details at this time but for now we are asking our members if anyone is computer savvy enough where they might be able to combine a picture with the information about the person/couple/family.

Please let the elders, Pastor, or church office know if you think St. Andrew could use a new picture directory and then also if you would be willing to help out by taking pictures, typing the information in a computer and/or attaching the picture with the information.


Come One, Come All...

July 8th and July 9th is our brat fry at Ries' Sausage Plus in West Bend from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please stop in with a big appetite and help us raise money for the Board of Education Tuition Assistance Program. If you have any questions feel free to ask anyone of us on the board. Hope to see you there!


We provide tuition assistance as a portion of our budgeted amount each year, funds permitting. Children who are attending elementary school, middle school, or high school at a Lutheran Church Missouri Synod place of learning, we provide tuition assistance up to 50% of the cost.
So that we may plan a budget for tuition, we ask that all families apply for tuition assistance by August 1st, annually for the following school year.

Those who request tuition assistance should be St. Andrew members who are regular in their worship attendance and financial assistance.

Board of Education


Sunday school is open to children entering pre-K through High School. The dates for this year's lessons will run 9/3/17 through 5/27/18. Online registration for this year is up on the website. You can find it by going to the website under the Education tab and then Sunday School. Paper forms can be also found beneath the Sunday School mailbox. Fill it out and return it to the Sunday School mailbox. I ask that you turn in your form by August 13th. Remember to list your child's grade that they WILL be in this fall in school.

We'll be covering King Solomon through the early part of Christ's ministry.

Jeff Grande
Sunday School Superintendent


A few weeks ago I listened to a radio program about a black musician who attends KKK rallies. When he was a young man, he played piano in a band at a bar where KKK members hung out. The members respected him because he was a good musician and he developed a friendly relationship with them. Years later decided to write a book on the KKK. He used his former connections to get an interview with the head of the KKK in the state of Maryland, even after being warned that he would be killed. After an extremely tense initial meeting, they began to speak plainly, but respectfully, to one another about their beliefs. After the interview, the KKK leader gave the writer his contact information. They became close friends, still on opposite sides of an incredibly divisive issue. The musician turned writer realized that they shared a lot of common ground, despite this one (admittedly huge) area where they disagreed. Eventually, the KKK leader became the Imperial Wizard - the head of the entire organization. But still, they remained friends, each believing their opposing world views wholeheartedly. After years and years, the Imperial Wizard quit the KKK. So did several others. They say they no longer believe the things they once believed to be core truths. Because of their departure, there is no longer a KKK chapter in the state of Maryland. And all because one man had the courage to listen.

That respectful interaction with others is vitally important. In Matthew 28:19, Christ commands us to "go forth and make disciples of all nations." When life takes us to new places and to new people, it's our responsibility to put those words into action. Living our faith by example is one thing, but really making disciples means more than that. It means forging relationships with those different from us. It means talking about our faith, not in a rude and confrontational way but respectfully. And perhaps more importantly, it means to listen. The world around us is hurting and broken. Everyone has a story about why they struggle with faith or reject it entirely. We must listen and understand before we can show how God's love heals. It's easy for the world to dismiss Christ when the only examples of Christianity they see are extremists or televangelists. We as Christians must emulate Christ. He ministered to prostitutes, to the Jewish leaders who hated him, to liars and swindlers. By reaching out with Christ-like love to those who hate us, we can write a different narrative, one individual at a time.

1 Chronicles 28:20 "Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the LORD is finished."

Further Events We Have Planned:
August 20 - Church picnic on church grounds immediately after 9:00 a.m. service.
Please feel free to invite family and friends to come attend our church. The picnic is a wonderful, non-threatening way to bring others into the fold. Also, the picnic is a great way to meet and greet old/new members of the congregation if you don't know them already but always seen him/her at church.

Jennifer Becker


Hello, our next meeting dates are on July 11th and 25th at 9 a.m. Helpers and such folk are always welcome and if you bring a bagged lunch, we'll eat lunch together.

Right now, pillows for the Food Pantry are being prepared for Christmas gifts. Stuffing and final sewing will take place during our November 14 & 28 meetings with Dec 12 being used to finish last minute pillows.

God bless and keep all of you in His care and under His protection.

The quilting bunch
Sharon Oelke


Thanks to all who purchased red roses on Mother's Day. Special thanks to Dan and Sue Woods for preparing the roses and also selling them after the first service.

To help promote an awareness of the life issues, please consider helping Lutherans for Life in their booth at the Ozaukee County Fair in Cedarburg which will take place Aug 3-6. Your help is needed and no experience is necessary. For more information and to reserve a time for your service, please contact Sue Pipkorn by phone or send an email to .

In His service for life,
Esther Oehme


I know with summer just starting it seems a bit early to be talking about St Andrew's Dartball Team. The reason I am writing this now is that since we are blessed with a high number of team members, we are considering breaking into 2 teams. The way we talked about doing this would be to have a competitive team that members would look to play every week. The second team would be more of a social team that members would have a week off from playing here and there. To be able to do this I need to notify the league before the August league meeting.
The league play starts September and ends in early spring before Lent. Exact dates will be determined in August (watch for more info in the September Newsletter and Bulletin). Games are played on Wednesday nights starting at 7:00 and completing around 9:00. This is a traveling league with half the games played at St Andrew and the other half at area churches.
We will be having a practice night in September before league play starts date and time to be determined and announced in the bulletin. The teams are open to all confirmed members of St Andrew and if you are interested in playing, there is a signup sheet on the bulletin board. Please indicate which team you may be interested in. If you are not quite sure of what Dartball is, feel free to ask Rick Bruss or myself.

We have a great time playing and would enjoy having more involved for fun & fellowship one night a week during the winter months. If you have questions please contact Dave Brehmer or Rick Bruss.


As we wrap up our fund raising efforts for Building Hope in Haiti, we want to say a thank you to everyone who donated money or sold bracelets. We missed our goal, but we raised over $2,000 to help send the children down there to school. If you have any money left from selling bracelets, please turn it in ASAP.

On July 30th, we are going to have Michecadet, a very special guest come and talk to us about Haiti and the Building Hope in Haiti project. Join us after service for his presentation.


Thanks to all who participate by purchasing gift cards from our SCRIP Committee. If you're looking for something special, or just doing your weekly grocery shopping, please consider using the cards we have for sale. Local merchants that we keep on hand include: Piggly Wiggly; Pick & Save; Walmart/Sam's Club; Sendiks; Meijer's; Target; Kohls; BP; Shell; Kwik-Trip; McDonald's; Burger King; Subway; Cousin's and a bunch of others. There are many, many more retailers that we can order from, too. And, there's always the convenience of on-line ordering if you wish. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to see us after services on Sunday.

Laurie Pree;
Carla Peterson;
Melissa Knox

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